Fees and Funding

High quality 24 hour care comes with a cost and you may have concerns about meeting the cost of care. We can help you by liaising with local authorities to access your Free Personal Care Allowance and see whether you may be eligible for additional Council funding.

Our room rates range from £719.50 to £950 per week (2022/23). Room rates are reviewed annually. You will be given at least one month’s notice in regard to changes to your fees.

Free Personal and Nursing Care

Residents over 65 years may qualify for the Scottish Government’s Free Personal & Nursing Care’ funding which is reviewed annually and subject to change. This is currently set at £212.85 per week (2022/23)

Council Funding

You may be eligible for council funding if you have less than £29,750 in capital and assets, (2022/23). If eligible, the council split the bill with you, where you pay a portion, and the balance paid by the Council. The amount you pay per week will be decided by the Council’s finance department.

Whether you pay for your care in full, or receive additional funding, you are liable for the payment of care services. An invoice will be sent to you every four weeks for prompt payment. Terms and Conditions of payment will be made clear in your residency agreement.

From experience we strongly recommend that you set up financial powers of attorney to assist you in managing your finances now and into the future.

Wherever you live currently, we can make enquiries on your behalf and help you through the process.

Contact Us

Please ask us any questions you may have. We suggest that for anyone thinking about moving into Arberglen, the best way to decide whether we are right for you is to come and visit us. During a visit you will have the opportunity to meet and talk to other residents and staff, join us for lunch or even catch a concert – what better way to get the information you need!