Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak January 2023

Last updated 23/01/23

Unfortunately we have a few cases of Covid-19 and in liaison with Public Health, have closed the home to admissions and transfers at this time, to reduce the risk of infection transmission. Our dedicated staff team are focussed on provided additional care to those symptomatic and isolating, and maintaining normality for those feeling well.

We are open to ‘named visitors’ which means if you wish to visit your loved one please ensure you are known to us. Technically each resident during an outbreak can have up to three visitors and we are keen to ensure you continue to be part of your loved one’s life and visit. However we understand those who may have reservations due to the risk of getting covid-19. In this instance please contact us by phone or email and we can give you today’s update and where possible you can speak to your loved one. 

If you wish to arrange a visit, speak to your loved one, see your loved one via a handheld device or get an update on how your loved one is today please contact the home directly on 01698 824441

Please come back for further updates in due course, and thank you for your continued patience as we navigate our way through the ongoing impact of COVID-19.

For any other enquiry please contact the Home Manager on 01698 824441.