This week we celebrated one of our resident’s birthdays – we believe you are never too old for birthday cake and a fuss! We then helped the birthday boy with his new iPad, drawing on the technical skills of staff and opening up the cyber world. Ageing is often dreaded but we see it as a celebration of another year of experiences, activity and memories. To fully enjoy all life has to give us we understand the importance of sight and hearing. As such, regular ear and eye checks are carried out and this week another resident was given a new hearing aid to enable them to better hear what is going on around them, and engage more fully. We are grateful for the support teams who provide their expertise in these areas. 

Last week we were visited by the Vaccination Team to administer the Spring Covid Booster. Having facilitated the collation of consent forms, information sharing about the vaccine and timing the vaccinations on several occasions now, the whole process was slick without causing any disruption to mealtimes, activities or social engagements. Although we are seeing covid infections less frequently we remind all visitors to remain vigilant for symptoms and postpone visits if there’s a possibility of covid infection. Phone and video calls can be organised at any time.

We wish you a good week.